my life is not my own.
youth wasted away hours behind a screen fulfilling a dream that is not mine.
false praises and small smiles. a grin to a check.
but I’m still behind.
and this race of the races leaves me in the dark.
no light shines in while I waste away. age away.
fade away.
my dream is smaller while my debts grow larger.
I don’t even want to wake anymore because my days are not mine.
and I cry to my mother, ma, I’m tired and she says welcome to adulthood. the all too familiar chant of the elders.
this. is life.
suck. it up.
work. for pennies.
then you die.

70000 people voted in detroit tuesday. everybody had something to say about beyonce’s new haircut today. people are dumb. it’s very irri.

I realy wanna make music y’all can dance to.

I just ain’t in a dancey mood.

— bevlove

there’s no glory in dying young.

they’ll stop wearing your rip shirt when the next one is printed.


they’ll throw an rip party every year on your birthday and the day you were killed.

and they’ll keep the money.

your baby mama will cry and scream at the funeral.

and get pregnant by your best friend.

someone else will sell those petty ass dimes you were killed for and no one will be able to tell the difference.

except your mother who lost her son.

and your fatherless daughter who you swore you’d never hurt.

— beverly johnson

all I need in this life of sin is me and my girlfriends. and my makeup bag.

friday haiku

just got paid today.
spent it in my head last week.
I’m a new slave, too.

black americana.

sunday I threw my first house party of the detroit summer. theme: americana. now, I will admit, I was longing for the facebook albums of yesteryear when all the pictures had some cohesive theme. but my life coach, alesyn, took my simple idea and put it ino a much greater context.

black americans have to take ownership of our country. this is not a white man’s country that I live in. sure, politics suck. capitalism sucks. racism sucks. a emergency financial manager appointed by a man who did not even campaign in detroit sucks. BUT this is my country, land of the brave. it’s time for us to stop being cowards and take ownership of our home.

we must educate our own children. we must earn our own way. we must continue to blaze the trails that were started for us.

black america, you’re beautiful. this land is our land. this land is my land. I’ll be damned if I live in a place and don’t take over.